Birth of a Blogger

This is my first blog. Ever.

Exciting eh? No? Just me.
So. What to blog about.

As a recent graduate I’ve reached that crossroads in my life when waking up at midday and lounging around drinking coffee doesn’t quite feel as fulfilling as it has done up to this point. The university bubble has officially burst, leaving a sticky residue of debt and dreams of success, though I should point out that success in this context involves only finding someone willing to pay me for something that I enjoy doing (including napping… Any offers?).
I kid. But in all seriousness, I do know what i like doing and I DEFINATELY know what i don’t like doing, so it’s just a case of finding a job with lots of the former and as little as possible of the latter.

In this blog you can expect to follow my journey from ex-student,¬†aspiring writer and part-time hospitality manager, through the trials and tribulations, minor successes and repeated throwbacks of the job market, but also of life in general. Someone, somewhere once said that you should write only to please yourself, and that is what I aim to do. This blog will be reflective of my interests, will contain book reviews, news reviews, places I’ve been, things I’ve seen, quotidian occurences that brought a smile or a tear to my face, but will also act as a sort of public diary. Don’t expect my deepest and darkest or daily updates on my life; do expect to laugh, to think, and to rethink.


2 responses to “Birth of a Blogger

  1. Congrats on graduating and on blogging! I’m sure you already know, or will soon find out, how addicting it is.

    I started my blog nearly two years ago (August 19 will mark the date), after being laid off from my job as a staff writer at a black-owned newspaper in Baltimore. Most people are sad when their bosses tell them they have to let them go, but that was one of the best days of my life. (The job required so much of my time with very little return, in terms of finances. I barely had time to job hunt my way out of that situation.)

    That day, I broke the news to family and friends, one of whom convinced me to start a blog to continue the work I did as a reporter and to satisfy my writing bug. (I’m still thanking my friend to this day.)

    I look forward to checking back and watching your blog grow and develop. I’m excited that you’re taking this step, and look forward to your future successes with this blog.

    • Thanks! It’s always nice to get some encouragement from an experienced blogger, especially at this early stage in my writing career. Regarding the addiction, I’m already hooked! No feeling to date compares to the rush I got from viewing the stats on my first post. I’m sure this is the beggining of a rewarding and fruitful journey!

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