Too Many Muses

It has been a while since my last (and first) post, and though many would be quick to attribute it to lack of time, the absence of inspiration or just plain laziness, in this case it is due to uncertainty. The time, however, has been far from wasted; as a result of reading some of the excellent articles freshly pressed this week my conception of blogging has been enhanced. I’ve picked up pointers on tone and style, got to grips with themes and widgets, as well as generated ideas for future blogs. Being a relative newcomer to the process, I have very little idea of where I want to go with this, but since my first post my primary instinct upon reading or hearing about something interesting has been to share it with the blogisphere. My notepad has been overflowing with ideas I would like to push out into the sea of cyberspace; the problem I’m having is choosing the ones that will float.

             Nautical punnage aside, there were a couple of blogs that really caught my attention this week and alerted me to the sheer diversity that this medium of social networking permits. During the course of a twenty minute browse I came across an eclectic assortment of purposes, from users that treated their blog as a platform to showcase their poetic talent, through political ranters and budding fashionistas, to those who just wanted to share cute pictures of their cat with the world. In the absence of a feline friend, I shall have to rely solely on my imagination to find material. Guess I’ll just have to push the boat out and hope for fair winds.


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