It can be a befuddling business sometimes, this writing lark. One month you have a plethora of inspiration, you plan, you draft, you write and rewrite; then the next month your mind is a vacuous blank page, and you spend your time… well, thats what this post is about.


Those of you reading from the UK will be aware that we recently had our yearly bout with the snow, and once again, it won. Flights were cancelled and rail services disrupted; however the greatest blow was to pedestrian traffic which literally came to a standstill as people everywhere stopped what they were doing and risked losing all feeling in their fingers to instagram, tweet and facebook the fact that precipitation was slightly more solid than usual. There was, in fact, exactly seventy four times the amount of snow on social networking sites as there was on the ground.

Despite the blizzard of groans, there were certain individuals who embraced the child within them, donned their wellies and gloves, and ventured into the white. As one of these brave backyard adventurers, this is what I, with the help of a couple of friends, built:


Unfortunately the snow melted as suddenly as it began, and we were left with a rather large flue in the ceiling, so until Britain is once again brought to it’s knees by a couple of inches of H2O, the winter home plans shall have to wait.


3 responses to “Igloo

  1. How cool! Literally! I wrote a post a while back about living in an igloo. But that was mostly figurative. It was about living in a freezing cold apartment in Taiwan… I can relate to drawing a blank when it comes to writing. That’s when I pull out a book. Somehow, it always helps me… I’ve had thoughts for a long time now about applying to graduate school in the UK. This post might just have inspired me…

    • Hi Jess, n-ice pun! Literature is a great source of inspiration, though I rarely need an excuse to visit my bookshelf. Having read your last post and flicked through your blog, it’s obvious that you’ve got the drive, determination and talent to succeed at whatever form of writing you decide on; and your passion for it will get you much further than any college degree. Thanks for stopping by!

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