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50 Shades of Mud

Since I bought a DSLR I’ve mostly been focusing (punintentional) on still photography. After experimenting with different subjects, it has become evident that the genres I most enjoy capturing involve people, urban landscapes and extreme sport. So recently I’ve been spending some time at a dirt bmx track close to my home, getting to know the dedicated individuals who spend nine months of the year getting ridiculously mucky and hauling barrow loads of dirt from one location to another in an unending battle against the british weather, all for three months of riding during the summer. Trying to capture such fast moving subjects in the dense shade that surrounds the trails proved to be difficult with only the pop-up flash on my 1100d, so I decided to try out the very limited movie mode. This is a compilation of some of my first forays into the world of the moving image and editing. Enjoy!